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Laura Morelli

The Stolen Lady

The Stolen Lady

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The Stolen Lady

A Novel of World War II & the Mona Lisa

★★★★★ 429 reviews

The USA Today & Publishers Weekly bestselling historical novel that will forever change the way you look at the Mona Lisa...

Two women, separated by five hundred years, hide Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa—with unintended consequences.

Opening Mona Lisa's crate at the Louvre

Florence, 1479: House servant Bellina Sardi’s future seems fixed when she accompanies her newly married mistress, Lisa Gherardini, to her home across the Arno. But when Lisa’s husband asks Master Leonardo da Vinci to paint a portrait of Lisa, Bellina finds herself tasked with hiding an impossible secret.

France, 1939: As the Nazis close in on Paris at the dawn of World War II, a young archivist helps the frantic Louvre staff spirit away the Mona Lisa and other priceless works of art to hiding places in the French countryside. But as the dangerous game of cat and mouse comes to a head, Anne realizes her own family may hold the secret to returning the Louvre’s collection to safety.

From the USA Today bestselling author of The Night Portrait and The Painter's Apprentice comes a gorgeously crafted, immersive tale of Renaissance Italy and World War II. Based on a true story.


From Our Readers...

★★★★★ Gripping
Shelly Reese
Tasked with moving and cataloging fine art, including the Mona Lisa, from the Louvre in Paris, once it's inevitable the Germans will occupy France, museum staff and curators attept to protect priceless art. Meanwhile, we learn how Leonardo de Vinci came to be commissioned to paint the Mona Lisa. Each period is gripping and informative. I had a hard time putting down the book, just so I could find out what ultimately happens in the end.


★★★★★ That Mona Lisa Smile
Auntie Molina
Leonardo da Vinci’s Renaissance masterpiece is the most recognizable piece of art, worldwide. A portrait of the wife of a wealthy Italian silk manufacturer would become an icon, both famous and infamous. What is it about this particular portrait that stirs us so? Is it the skill of the brushwork of the artist? Is it her enigmatic smile? Something more?

Laura Morelli’s book, “The Stolen Lady”, a work of historical fiction, begins in Renaissance Italy, with Leonardo Da Vinci. We learn about many of his inventions, ideas, and his dreams of being remembered. Then he is contracted to paint a portrait of the wife of a wealthy silk merchant. The artist would work on this one painting for the rest of his life.

Next, in a split-timeline narrative, it is 1939; Paris, France. We meet Anne, a typist within the Archives of the Louvre Museum. In details taken from real life, we follow Anne and a group of employees of “Musée du Louvre,” we see- decades later -how the priceless works of the Louvre are carefully kept out of Nazi hands. And what a journey this would be! Six years. Six separate moves. Will they be found (or worse) by German soldiers? Will they be able to hold on to the art? Will they survive??
This is an exceptional read, particularly if you’re interested in da Vinci; the Renaissance; the Mona Lisa; WWII & the Resistance. I loved it!!!


★★★★★ Just loved it...
Jim White

Having read all her other historical novels, I knew I was in for a treat. As always, I was riveted from the beginning. I feel very fortunate to have seen the beautiful, yet tiny, masterpiece at the Louvre, as well as lovely and gorgeous Florence. I only wish I could have read this first if it was even possible for me to be even more enchanted by these incredible cities. Wouldn’t I love to stand there among the crowds and savor the Mona Lisa just once more.


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Publisher: William Morrow | Harper Collins

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